Houzz Pros Share What’s New in Outdoor Lighting Design (15 photos)

As you peruse these ideas, keep in mind that less is generally more when it comes to exterior lighting. This is for environmental as well as design reasons, as it reduces light pollution and is friendlier to nocturnal wildlife.

Linear Lighting

“There’s a trend toward the more extensive integration of lighting with modern hardscape elements,” says Gregg Mackell, principal lighting designer at 186 Lighting Design Group.

Sleek, minimalist linear step lighting illuminates a path while keeping light fixtures hidden from view. It also enables you to more easily highlight an architectural feature, such as stairs or a freestanding wall.

Mackell designed the stair lights for the home in Boulder, Colorado, seen here, installing a linear outdoor-rated light-emitting diode (LED) light channel under the cap of each step. “The light channels are aluminum, with an acrylic lens pointing downwards,” Mackell says. “Inside the light channel is a wet-location-listed tape light. There are a number of manufacturers who make this kind of light, which can be factory-cut or field-cut to an exact length.”

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