Bathroom of the Week: A New Master Bath in Black and White (9 photos)

To keep costs down, Popple also kept things simple in the shower tile work. “I like to avoid windows in showers if i can,” she says. “The tile work gets a little tricky and there are moisture issues. You’re then forced to frost the window for privacy.”

She likes to use ledges in showers instead of niches, which require more planning, tile work and labor to recess between the wall studs.
“I think niches just seem kind of done,” she says.

Here, a 4-to-5-inch deep ledge runs the length of the shower, providing plenty of room for toiletries. Popple topped it with a piece of quartzite cut from the slab used for the countertops.

She says a glass divider made more sense than a shower curtain in this open-concept layout. She had the glass manufacturer add a coating similar to Rain-X used on car windshields. The treatment makes water bead off the glass more quickly.

The shower floor is large penny round black tile.

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