New This Week: 3 Warm Kitchens That Mix Blue, Green and Wood (7 photos)

Other special features. Saltillo tile floors. Handcrafted copper sink. Granite island countertop. Quartz perimeter countertops in a warm, neutral tone that doesn’t distract from the backsplash. Pressed-tin ceiling panels with a copper patina.

Designer tip. “One of our most out-of-the-box elements was the light box,” Poulliot says. “Previously this was a recessed ceiling fan surrounded by curved acrylic. Since it was raised and above the island, it felt like it needed to make a statement of its own. We needed the functionality of lighting over the island and liked the look of old-world beams. However, in the original renderings it just looked out of place adding the beam frame with pendants. We had used American Tin Ceilings panels on another job, and being able to have antiqued patina panels was a great option. They were also effective at reflecting light that was added to the top side of the beams. Adding the Talavera tiles was a wish-list [option] for our client and tied it all together perfectly.”

“Uh-oh” moment. “Our light box was for sure that moment,” Poulliot says. “I originally designed it with a nine-pattern grid, but the beams just looked small. The four-pattern worked out better, but that affected the light spacing. With LED uplighting in the beams, we had to figure out a solution. We also had to work with the pattern in our tin ceiling. At one point, we had two people standing on the island with blue tape and paper plates on strings to make sure it would all work as designed.”

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