Houston Couple Rebuild After a Hurricane Wipes Out Their Home (15 photos)

It’s a nightmare scenario: You wake up to discover rising water in your home. That’s what Angie and Austin Parker found after Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Houston area with wind and rain in 2017, overflowing the bayou near the Parkers’ home and kicking off a monthslong project of trying to put their lives and home back together.

Friend and designer Michele Merz stepped in to help on both fronts, working with the couple to act fast, develop a design plan and order things like drywall before it ran out across the city. “In a natural disaster you take on a little bit different role than you might if it were a traditional design project,” Merz says. “It was very hard for everyone. You are part designer, part therapist, part shoulder to cry on. There’s a certain degree of chaos that comes with that whole experience for people. It looked pretty much like a war zone.”

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