A Colorful, Beach-Inspired Bathroom for 3 Young Children (8 photos)

Photos by Christy Kosnic Photography

Bathroom at a Glance
Who uses it:
Three young children
Location: Kings Park, Virginia
Size: 85 square feet (7.9 square meters)
Designer: Maria Causey Interior Design

Wallpaper inspired by ocean waves, wood that resembles driftwood, and floor tile the color of a fiery sunset compose the palette for this beach resort-loving family’s kids’ bathroom. Interior designer Maria Causey had worked with these clients for years and had a great sense of their playful style. “Inspiration started with the word ‘resort.’ That word stuck in my head,” she says. Causey got the idea for the color palette after noticing how excited her client was about a new orange-and-blue outfit she was wearing during their meeting to discuss the bathroom.

Although the bathroom was for their three elementary school-age children, the parents did not want the style to be “too kiddy,” Causey says. “They mentioned that their kids often comment on sophisticated design, like when they see an interesting tile or other pretty things at a resort.” She thought the bathroom’s style could help enrich their budding design tastes.

Functionally, Causey needed to improve the storage and lighting in the dark room. “When I saw the space before, there were just towels strewn everywhere and one towel bar,” she says. “And I knew I needed something on the walls that could stand up to toothpaste.”

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