How to Get a Lush Look on Your Patio With Container Gardens (12 photos)

2. Water and Fertilize Consistently Throughout the Season

Plants grown in containers, particularly those packed in tightly, dry out more quickly than plants in the ground and will require consistent water and supplemental fertilizer to look their best. Curtis recommends that homeowners put summer containers on an automatic irrigation system to keep up with watering. “Everyone has the best intentions of keeping pots watered, but life is busy,” she says.

The containers seen here receive small daily amounts of water in summer through a drip irrigation system. Watering is less frequent at other times of the year.

Curtis used a color-packed mix of red-orange and white impatiens, mixed coleus, banana plants, strappy phormium, lime green sweet potato vine (Ipomea ‘Marguerite) and trailing silver dichondra. She fertilizes the containers every three to four weeks throughout the growing season with a high-phosphate fertilizer (best for blooms). The containers receive morning sun and afternoon shade on an east-facing terrace in Boise, Idaho.

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