Houzz Tour: Coastal Chic in Key Largo (12 photos)

Photos by Mattia Bettinelli

House at a Glance
Who lives here: A single man with three adult children and one young son
Location: Key Largo, Florida
Size: About 3,000 square feet (279 square meters)
Designers: Maite Granda (interiors) and Robert Barnes and Associates (architecture)

The homeowner’s parents used to have a mobile home on this sandy lot in Key Largo, Florida, which they used for weekend fishing trips. But after his father passed away, this single father from Delaware bought the land from his mother to build a vacation home that will one day become his full-time home in retirement.

Due to restrictions implemented after Hurricane Andrew, the first floor of the house doesn’t include any habitable space, just a stairwell, an elevator and storage. The second floor includes the main living areas and two guest rooms, and the third floor is taken up entirely by a large master suite.

The exterior of the house features white paint on the lower levels, intended to blend into the white sand, and light blue paint on top meant to mimic the look of the sky. The vintage station wagon in the driveway belongs to a friendly neighbor.

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